Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus Pairing Problems-

Garmin is a well-known name in the navigation software market not only navigation software but also Garmin offers its users a wide range of fitness related products such as watches and a lot more. The products manufactured by the Garmin manufacturers are actually known for the features which further make it easy for the users to easily understand the usage of the software products as well as the fitness products.

But, still as not all the users are not really good with the understanding of techniques therefore some users do find it difficult to deal with the technicalities of Garmin products therefore for such users it is advisable that these users do get in touch with the technicians for resolution to any sort of problem that they get to face while using any of the Garmin product.

Here we will discuss in detail how a user can get his Garmin vivosmart HR+ paired with his phone in easy steps –

• First of all go to your mobile browser from there get Garmin connect mobile application downloaded.

• Keep your mobile device with in 3 meter of your Garmin vivosmart

• Hold the vivosmart device in order to get a look of the menu

• Then open the Garmin connect mobile application and further follow the on screen instructions

• Then from the menu options select “pair” then click “ok”

Once the user will be done with this procedure accurately the Garmin vivosmart HR+ will be paired with the user’s phone very easily. 

However, if you are still in confusion then to get it cleared connect with the technicians at Garmin Customer Service UK