Do cab Companies need a fleet tracking system?

Cab industry has many unseen challenges and one of the most pressing challenge is managing the risk and keeping control over the company’s assets. For a smooth run it is very important to have a track of your vehicles movement. When your car hit the road all we can do is having the trust on the driver behind the wheel.

Cab companies all around the world started using car GPS tracking devices to keep track of their cars. These tracking systems inform rental car companies about their car’s real-time location. It carries paperless work and the Company can easily figure out the location of the vehicle. Today in this post we will show you why equipping taxi or cab with tracking solutions is important.

Benefits of Car rental GPS Tracking Solution

Better Security and Safety with real-time tracking

Real-time tracking gives peace of mind to owners and complete safety to the driver. Car GPS tracking system is very important for cab companies as the drivers may fail to return vehicle on time or return them to incorrect locations. Sometime they are concerned of misusing the vehicle. The tracking device is plugged in car’s OBD port and informs the owner about the real-time location. If your driver engages in any sort of unsafe driving then you can take the immediate action to rescue them.

Efficient Transportation & More Profitability

Tracking cars minimizes costs by accurately reporting location, providing real-time data for quick response to breakdowns, accidents and other emergencies. With real-time visibility owners can plan better route and save money on fuel. You can even monitor the speed and driving behavior and can stay top of vehicle maintenance.

Driver Performance Monitoring

The plug and play GPS tracking system generates useful report that helps owners to optimize the route for drivers. With the inbuilt driver’s driving behavior feature you can determine the shortest route, reduce travel time, idle time and fuel cost. You can take immediate action if your driver does over speeding.

Avoid Unauthorized Usage

With geo-fencing security function your can prevent unauthorized usage of your car. Since the data is computer generated, the data accuracy is guaranteed and cannot be forged. Create a safe zone for your car and get an instant notification when your car enters or exit the predefined area. It even prevents your vehicle from illegal use and car theft.

Get complete vehicle reports

This OBD car tracker provides complete vehicle report directly on your mobile device or web platform. The GPS-based fleet tracking device monitors car mileage and provides other information used by the fleet managers. Get complete OBD car tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services along with app & application customization.

For more information how OBD car GPS tracking device can be helpful for your cab Company, get in touch with us.