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4 Ways to Avoid Fake Complaints & Scam News about Gaurav Marya

Gaurav Marya has proven to be one of the most able business leaders in the business community in India today. The President of FIHL or Franchise India Holdings Ltd. has single-handedly transformed the Indian franchise market and brought to Indian investors some of the best investment opportunities of the world. The person is an enviable position today and many competitors are trying hard to tarnish his image and to bring downfall of his esteemed company, through baseless Gaurav Marya complaints. Recognized by the “Franchise Association of India” and popular amongst investors throughout India across regional boundaries, FIHL is a name to be reckoned with. The competitors are trying hard to spoil and deteriorate the image of such a prosperous business that is also aiding Indian economy grow faster, and helped a number of businesses expand conveniently.

How to avoid fraud complaints, news and rumors posted against Gaurav Marya

The fraud complaints and rumors can be found on the web in various forums and even on reputed websites including LinkedIn, Glassdoor and others. These fraud Gaurav Marya reviews are figments of imaginations, totally baseless, and get posted due to inadequate scope available towards scrutiny. The fake news is a result of sabotage attempts that have been made with malicious intents. You should avoid these false rumors and only opt for truthful and reliable investment opportunities that only a few web platforms (including Franchise India) can offer to you. Here are 4 tips to avoid the fake complaints/news and to check for authenticity.

Dig deeper to get to the real truth

All you need to do is to give some time and efforts to actually explore the baseless allegations that have been posted against Gaurav Marya and his esteemed organization. Look into the profile of the person who has posted the complaint and you will find that there is nothing real about the profile. Any news can also be checked by browsing the authentic news web portals and magazines.

Check the incidence

When you will check the incidence mentioned in the false complaint, you will find it to be very superfluous and superficial, and there will be no real proof to it. You will find that there are no dates, time or names mentioned in the complaints, but only a storied narration would be there which could not be probed further.

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Talk to the companies

You can also reach out to the companies who have posted their franchise opportunities on FIHL. There you will be able to find out the real aspect of investing in a franchise through FIHL. The company would confirm whether it has chosen FIHL as a platform for providing franchise opportunity to millions of Indians.

Talk to the referrals

Instead of believing the baseless allegations, you can talk to the investors you have actually availed franchise through FIHL. You can call your own acquaintances, friends, and colleagues to know more about the firm and how it makes it highly convenient for you to invest in a worthwhile and profitable franchise opportunity in India.

FIHL (established in the year 1999) and Gaurav Marya are reputed and well-recognised names and enjoy a deep trust within the Indian investor community. You should not believe in the false complaint and rumors and spoil your own chances of being successful.

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