Mar 14, 2017 836

The Pennies

Today we released The Pennies. The Pennies is a new fidgeter with a simple intention. It spins. It spins and spins. Unlike our first fidgeter, The Cowbone, this one has a pretty singular focus. It spins.

Whereas The Cowbone is a smooth single piece object that is fun to hold and move a million different ways, The Pennies... just spins. We think there's a satisfying simplicity in that, and how different our products are comes from our core philosophy that people fidget in very different ways.

The Cowbone is all about finding your own way, or about finding millions of different ways, all your own. The Pennies is for people who already know what they want.

Whichever way you fidget, whichever fidgeter you want, our products are available exclusively from our site,Ā