Jun 15, 2016 273

Travel With A Story

Inspiration Made

FGS&Co. believes in the power of travel. A source of inspiration, it expands both our personal and global awarenesses. A bag by Res Ispa reflects all that travel embodies. Inspired by the great cities of the world, Res Ipsa sources the best and most interesting materials for products that are durable, comfortable and effortlessly stylish. The result is a stunning blend of old world manufacturing, rich cultural heritage and contemporary design. 

photo by @resispausa

Every Res Ipsa bag in the FGS&Co, collection is handmade and crafted from hand-woven vintage Turkish rugs. Because each rug is unique, no two bags will ever be identical.

Each handcrafted piece is designed for the sophisticated traveler as a personal reflection of character. To use abroad or at home, your accessory will mirror your unique and globally minded style. 

photo by @resipsausa

Founded by two Georgia lawyers, the Res Ipsa name comes from the Latin res ipsa loquitur phrase meaning, “the thing speaks for itself.” Like every piece of the FGS&Co. curated collection, a Res Ispa addition to your closet will 'speak for itself' as a timeless and extraordinary reflection of your personal style.