May 25, 2016 306

This Bag Fights Human Trafficking


Theresa Lee founded Future Glory to merge her talent for handcrafted design with her passion for local philanthropy. As an experienced team of women designers, makers and entrepreneurs, every bag and accessory handcrafted by Future Glory supports employment training for women in need and gives back to local organizations that fight human trafficking and support victims of domestic abuse. Their goal to create an inclusive and supportive community through their elegant and fine-detailed craft is why FGS&Co. is proud to feature Future Glory as an innovative maker that uses their business to improve lives in their community.

Quality Craftsmanship

Every Future Glory product highlighted in our FGS&Co. collection showcases the quality craftsmanship and elevated design associated with the brand. In addition to their commitment to social goodness, Future Glory uses sustainable and locally sourced materials as part of the American Made and ecologically conscious movements. Any remaining material from their leather or cloth craftsmanship is then donated non-profits or schools.

Social Responsibility

Future Glory is a shining example of a fast-growing enterprise committed to making a positive impact. In addition to rebuilding the lives of women who have fallen victim to human trafficking or suffered abuse, Future Glory plans to use their business to build a sustainable source of training and employment for women in San Francisco.

FGS&Co. is proud to showcase Future Glory and their dedication to social causes. In partnership with important makers like Future Glory, FGS&Co. is able to give shoppers like you the power to give back to the community every single day.

Support their efforts and shop our Future Glory Collection today.