Jun 28, 2016 192

Sandra Cadavid: Creating Beautiful Products Dedicated to Helping Women

Their dedication to women is one of the many things that makes Sandra Cadavid such a special maker. Established in 2011, Sandra Cadavid is a luxury handbag and jewelry company. Their high quality products are produced from locally sourced materials in Columbia. 

Photo courtesy of Sandra Cadavid

Sandra’s products are beautiful for many reasons, one of which is that they are made by women with a story. The artisans creating these unique pieces are Colombian women who have faced tragedy and violence in their lives. Each of these women are in need of employment to support their families and strive for a better way of living, but are unable to find employment within their community because of their circumstances. Thanks to Sandra Cadavid, these women have been given a purpose and a second chance.

Not only does Sandra Cadavid support their artisans, they partner with organizations which help further causes they believe in. A few of their products have been specifically designed to support causes that contribute to breast cancer research and social needs for women. Their mission to support women does not go unnoticed and is one of the reasons why their products are as beautiful as they are.

FGS&Co. proudly features Sandra Cadavid and supports their efforts to create beautiful pieces with the purpose of helping women worldwide.