Jun 22, 2016 746

Lifting up the Community and Preserving Cultural Heritage with Beautiful and Timeless Jewelry

Can an ethical business model centered around a rich cultural tradition serve to lift up a community? With Etkie, the answer is yes.

In the American southwest, many American Indian women currently live either unemployed or underemployed, with few available opportunities to lift their families and themselves out of poverty. But with a culture steeped in tradition and artistry, American Indian tribes, for generations, have been influential in passing down and preserving their cultural heritage for their children.

Sydney Alfonso, CEO of Etkie saw an opportunity to build an ethical business model around the talents of women living in the American Indian community. At the same time she saw an opportunity to deliver an upscale brand of contemporary jewelry to the mass market.

photo by @etkie_official
photo by @etkie_offiicial

Not only does Etkie work to empower American Indian artisans, but the level of detail and workmanship is evident in each one-of-a-kind piece, which can take up to eight hours to produce. 

photo by @etkie_official

It’s precisely this reason that FGS&Co. is excited to carry the Etkie Collection. Not only do we value the level of detail and artistry involved in producing these beautifully designed accessories, but we also support Etkie’s vision. We believe in Sydney’s mission to help American Indians earn a living wage while supporting their rich cultural heritage.