Jul 08, 2016 272

Feel Good About What You Wear

Sustainably Made, Consciously Worn

At FGS&Co., we believe in using our style purposefully. But finding eco-friendly, sustainable brands that look and feel as luxe and beautiful as their mission isn't easy. Road Twenty-Two proves that luxury materials can have a socially responsible impact.

Committed to the belief that what we wear can and should be manufactured close to home, every Road Twenty-Two shirt is produced entirely in the USA. The fabric sourcing, dying, sewing and printing all happen in California. 

Wearing a Road Twenty-Two shirt feels incredible. The carefully selected material offers one of the most luxurious wears possible. But putting on a shirt by Road Twenty-Two will also make you feel good about its cycle of opportunity. Through their production, they are able to employ women who need a chance and are working hard to create a better life for themselves. 

Photo courtesy of Road Twenty-Two

Through their screen printing process, they support at risk youth in San Francisco. A shirt by Road Twenty-Two proves that style and social conscience can work hand in hand to make a difference. Because nothing is beautiful if it doesn’t also beautify the world, and Road Twenty-Two's products do just this. 

FGS&Co. proudly features Road Twenty-Two and supports their mission produce lavish products while also providing opportunity to women who are struggling.