May 26, 2016 815

Luxurious Living Meets Social Responsibility with Stevie Howell

At FGS&Co., we work to support the best designers, artists and innovators in the industry. Our goal is to use every purchase to give back to our community while creating a one-of-a-kind marketplace for fine accessories that are both high design and ethically minded. 

Artists like Stevie Howell mirror our mission of luxurious living and community responsibility;  every Stevie Howell piece reflects her refreshing and globally minded aesthetic.

As a painter, photographer and printmaker, native San Franciscan Stevie Howell experiments with many mediums to create her gorgeous and memorable designs. 

Working with the finest materials while utilizing the best sustainable methods in her SF based studio as well as with her printmakers in India, her silk dressing robes and delicately printed cotton scarves are some of our favorite statement pieces that are sure to add gorgeous flair to any wardrobe.

People + Passion = Purpose

FGS&Co. believes that ‘People + Passion = Purpose.’ We are thrilled to carry the brilliant Stevie Howell Collection and showcase her passion for artistry and commitment to high-quality accessories with a socially responsible purpose.

as seen on instagram, @steviehowellstudio

With your support, FGS&Co. gives people like you the power to give back to the community at every level, every day by shopping gorgeous and impactful brands like Stevie Howell.