Jul 05, 2016 242

Bridge for Africa Fights to End Poverty for Deserving Artisans

Art can make a beautiful difference in the world, it can inspire and change lives. In the case of Bridge for Africa, creating change through their artful and resourceful pieces is something they do every day.

Bridge for Africa began in 2003 when an African and an American came together in South Africa with the idea of rewarding the artisans for the extraordinary blend of tradition in their artwork. They felt that the women creating these unique pieces were not earning the fair living wage that they deserved. 

Photo courtesy of Bridge for Africa

This inspired Bridge for Africa, a non-profit organization committed to Building Resources to Inspire Dignity, Growth, and Empowerment (BRIDGE) through fair trade. Fair trade practices offer the guarantee of fair wages, equal opportunity, safe working conditions, and long term relationships built on mutual respect.

Today, Bridge for Africa is a well established provider of fine crafts in the American Market, and they are providing the artisans with a living wage as well as educating consumers in the U.S. about the benefits of fair trade. With every beautifully made product, they are getting one step closer to reaching their goal of ending poverty in the developing world and as well as promoting sustainable development. 

FGS&Co. proudly features Bridge for Africa and supports their efforts to create beautiful pieces with the purpose of supporting deserving artisans.