Jul 20, 2016 1

Beautiful Pieces Crafted in a Historic Place

In operation since 1965, Faribault is one of the last running mills in America. It was founded on the banks of the Cannon River in Faribault, MN, and has been in use ever since. Having been around for almost 150 years, the Faribault Mill is a living testament to American Craftsmanship.

Faribault woolens are renowned for their quality and comfort. These woolens have been woven into American history, from comforting troops through two wars and providing warmth to pioneers making their way west. 

The mill makers at Faribault Mill have decades of experience, and every piece they make has a history behind it. The process behind taking raw wool and making it into something beautiful is long, but these makers pay incredible attention to detail, ensuring the best quality products.

FGS&Co. proudly features Faribault and their beautifully crafted pieces that can bring warmth to any room. Don't miss out on these authentic pieces and shop our collection while giving back the FGS&Co. way.