Jun 01, 2016 288

5 Ideas for Dressing Up Your Table for Those Outdoor Summer Gatherings

Summer is fast approaching and the warm weather means it's time to take your social gatherings outdoors. We have the perfect tabletop essentials for starting off your outdoor parties on the right foot and with great style. Check out our 5 essentials you'll need in order to step up your outdoor entertaining game this summer.

1. Contrasting Dinnerware

There's no need to buy an entirely new dinnerware set this summer. Updating your style is as simple as layering your classic white dinnerware with contrasting salad or bread plates. These stoneware dinner plates from Bonnie & Neil add just the right amount of depth to our outdoor dining table.

2. Accentuate The Table with Bits of Color

What's your favorite color? Pick something you love and go for it but when it comes to accents, a little goes a long way. Choose a handful of items to create just enough interest and color variation for a sophisticated dining table. Gold accents are a timeless addition to any table.

3. Take Your Napkins to the Next Level

If we're stepping up our game then it means we need to toss out those disposable napkins and upgrade to something a little more elegant. Check out these hand-woven cotton napkins from Injiri. They create a nice balance between sophistication and casual elegance. Note: Go for table linens that are easy to wash with long wear so you can keep them looking great for years to come.

4. Serve It Up with Matte Black Flatware 

Go minimal with this modern, matte black flatware set from Canvas Home. You can throw the rules out the window when it comes to entertaining in style. Choose flatware or serveware that comes in trendy colors but keep it timeliness by choosing something with simple lines.

5. Extend Your Style to the Serveware

Your style shouldn't end at the dinner plate. Choose coordinating serveware for your table to round out the look. It can be the difference between an average looking table and a totally polished look! 

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