May 09, 2017 18

How Far Is Home?

I joined the United States Army at the ripe age of 40. Prior to my enlistment, I had been a full time photographer, however, I found that I was feeling stagnant and somewhat "stuck". I was needing a challenge and new direction. At that point I had sold my photography gear and had all but given up on the art. But the grand adventure and crucible that I had found myself on renewed my interest and sparked the passion in me once again. In 2013, I was sent to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, where I stayed for the next 3 years. Without much of a budget, I started out with entry level cameras from Sony such as the A35 and A37. I was new to Sony and was blown away by the quality, sharpness and true-to-life colors of the images. It wasn't long before I bumped up to bodies like the A65 and A77. During my time in Korea, Sony launched their A7 line and had grown to become one of the most popular camera brands and I grew right along with them, both as a person and as a photographer. By this time my inventory grew to include the Sony A99. A7R and A7II. As 2016 approached, the time drew closer to return to the United States. I had experienced so many incredible events along the Korean DMZ and thanks to Sony products, I was able to capture nearly every moment. My Commander had taken notice of my photography and made me a full-time Public Affairs Representative, even though that wasn't my actual job. By the time I got on the plane to come home, my camera bag included the Sony A7RII and RX1RII. I can safely say, that I have come to know and love Sony products intimately, and have my military service and Sony to thank for my renewed passion for the art of photography, which kept me productive and motivated until the day I could finally return home. The sign post pictured can be found at Camp Casey, South Korea and shows distances to various cities around the world. Captured with a Sony SLT A35 and Sony DT 55-200mm lens.