Aug 08, 2017 679

The Subscription Box For People Who Hate Subscription Boxes

Random one-time use beauty products? Weird snacks you would never eat? We can see why people hate subscription boxes. Who wants to be billed monthly, only to receive a box of useless stuff?

But let us just say, we actually discovered a box that even those who hate subscription boxes will us on this one.

It’s called FabFitFun and they deliver over $200+ worth of beauty, fitness, tech, lifestyle, and fashion products to your door every season. Each product in the box has been vetted by a team of experts and curated according to the season, latest trends, and the product’s practicality and functionality. Oh, and you can get $10 off your first box with the code MAKER.

Not only do you receive an amazing box of goodies you’ll actually use, you also gain access to tons of other membership benefits -- that’s what makes this subscription box worthwhile!

Below are just a few of our favorite perks:


One of FabFitFun’s newest features, FabFitFunTV offers exclusive workout videos from some of the world’s fitness elite like Body by Simone and YogaWorks so you can workout anytime and anywhere. It features tons of videos that are great for all levels – think of it as a Netflix subscription to the best workout videos.

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Subscription boxes are supposed to be an element of surprise, but sometimes, you would’ve preferred a different color or type of product. FabFitFun gives members the option to customize a few products in their box based on hobbies or personal preferences. If you upgrade to an Annual membership, you can also pick the colors/designs of your products.


Who doesn’t love a good sale? Add-Ons are exclusively discounted products that you can add to your box each season. Some past items included, Living Proof, butter LONDON, and more. The selection is amazing and offers tons of beauty, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle products at up to 60 percent off!

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When you sign up for a box, you gain access to a whole community of subscribers who love discovering new things just as much as you do. It’s a space where members can interact and engage with one another, whether they discuss their favorite box products or share must-watch Netflix shows!


Every season, FabFitFun teams up with a charity to bring awareness to causes that are close to their heart. So while you’re treating yourself to a box of goodies, you could also be discovering your new favorite charity.