May 25, 2017 13444

Meet the Woman Behind the #1 Subscription Box

Christmas definitely comes more than once a year – that is, if you’re a FabFitFun member

If you’re not familiar, FabFitFun is the best subscription box out there. Not only do they send you a thoughtfully curated box of full-size beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and tech products worth over $200 every season, they also provide you with a membership that pushes you onto the path of self-discovery and happiness through other verticals like the Community, FabFitFunTV, and so much more. So yeah, we’d like to say it’s a pretty solid subscription.

And, of course – what’s an amazing brand without the brains behind the company? Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens founded FabFitFun along with brothers Michael and Daniel Broukhim and, luckily, we got the chance to sit down with the #ladyboss herself to talk about everything from being a working mom to what happiness means to her.

Why did you start FabFitFun?

The content in the women space was really preachy and we wanted something more lighthearted, [while] still including tips and tricks on being a better version of yourself. There was room to sort of create that space in the market of not dictating what someone should look, feel, or act like.

What’s your best advice for moms juggling work and home life?

I think one thing to note is that it does get easier. That first month of heading back into the office is definitely gut wrenching but you find ways to make it through. We look at Instagram or any [other] social media [platforms] and see these perfect pictures of moms and their kids, [homemade] school treats, or an amazing birthday party, but the reality is that life [can get] messy and most of those people’s houses are [probably] wrecked every single day by their children. So if you feel like you’re failing, [just remember] we’re all doing the best that we can.

What do you feel like women are looking for in their shopping experience nowadays? How does FabFitFun meet their needs?

Whether it’s because of work or family, time’s a precious commodity and I think what’s amazing about the internet is that it [gives] you access to anything. But who has time for that? It’s great that Amazon can get you anything, but that rabbit hole is never ending. We help women [figure out] what they want. We find the best of the best in beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and tech, and we deliver it to our members four times a year. It extends beyond [the] stuff in the box and it’s [the] idea of trying new things which leads to self-fulfillment, happiness, and growth.

What do you hope for your daughters once they enter the working world?

I hope they get treated [as] equals. Right now, women still make less on the dollar for the same position, [but] I think we’re getting there. It’s a work in progress and as girls see women who are able to break through that glass ceiling more and more, it'll only lead them [down] better paths. Real success comes from getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to try new things.

How do you define happiness?

For me right now, happiness is [found] in moments – it's being able to snuggle with my two daughters, waking up next to my husband, and being able to feature amazing female founded brands in every [FabFitFun] box. Knowing that we’re making members happy [is] one of the biggest joys for me and I think it’s putting all [of] these little moments together [that] makes a happy life.

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