Mar 20, 2017 695

Have You Been Using Dry Shampoo Wrong?

Some days (OK, most days) we’re too lazy to wash our hair — so, of course, we resort to our trusty dry shampoo to keep our tresses from lookin’ greasy. Plus, it gives us that textured look everyone is going for!

But a simple “spray and out the door” shouldn’t be your solution. There’s actually a right way to use dry shampoo so you can get the most out of your product. Read on for tips on how to properly use this beauty staple:

Find the Right Dry Shampoo

There are tons of options out there for all types of hair. But, you want to choose the right dry shampoo for your hair texture and style. If you’ve never used dry shampoo before or you’re looking to switch products, we recommend the Oscar Blandi Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray (available in the FabFitFun Welcome Box V.2). It’s an invisible spray that absorbs oil and removes product build-up. Plus, it’ll add some extra volume without leaving any residue.

Don’t Randomly Spray Your Hair

Section off your hair and spray the formula onto your roots (but don’t spray too close!). It’s best to spray 10 inches away from your scalp so residue doesn’t collect onto the top of your head. You don’t need to use it all over either — just stick to the top and upper sides of your head.

Let It Soak up the Grease

After applying dry shampoo, wait a few minutes for the product to soak up the grease. Then use a brush (we recommend a bristle brush) to further work in the formula! If you accidentally put too much, blow dry your hair or use a towel to dust it out. Whatever you do, don’t touch your hair as your fingers will make hair greasier.

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