Mar 20, 2017 2424

5 Tips for Flawless Foundation

Achieving flawless foundation is one of the trickiest parts of a makeup routine.

Foundation is the base for other applications like your contour and blush, so you need to make sure to get it right. Cakey/flaky foundation is never ideal, but lucky for you, we discovered the best tips to get the most flawless finish.

Use a Correcting Moisturizer

Before applying primer, apply a correcting moisturizer. It’s different from standard moisturizers because it improves clarity and radiance for a brighter, even-looking skin tone — leaving your shade even more flawless. We recommend the Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid (which also happens to come in the FabFitFun Welcome Box V.2!) because it reduces the appearance of hyper pigmentation and softens rough patches.

Don’t Forget Primer

Many think that moisturizer is enough to prep the skin for foundation. However, primer does what moisturizer doesn’t — it smoothes and corrects your skin while giving your foundation something to hold onto, which in turn helps foundation to last all day.

Apply Concealer in the Right Places

Concealer isn’t just meant to be used to cover blemishes. You can also use it to brighten up certain parts of your face. We like to apply concealer on the bridge of our nose, under our eyes (in an upside down triangle shape), on the cupid’s bow, on the chin, and in the t-zone — after foundation. It’ll look like you’re glowing from within! Tip: Use a shade that’s lighter than your foundation.

Get the Right Applicator

Don’t use your fingers to apply foundation because it will make it look streaky and uneven. Use a sponge or brush instead as it’s more efficient. It will also leave you with a smooth finish and the most natural-looking coverage. We use the OFRA #20 (also in the Welcome Box V.2) for cream or powder foundation as it helps blend foundation evenly while being able to cover small areas and tight corners on the face.

Set Your Face

After you’ve finished applying your concealer and foundation, don’t forget to set your hard work. We like to use a loose setting powder over areas that tend to get shiny (between the eyebrows, down and around the nose, under the eye, and on the chin). If you find your makeup looks too harsh or isn’t blended enough, spray your sponge with rose water tonic and blot your face to further set your makeup.

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