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How Does a Home Oxygen Concentrator Work

We need oxygen to survive. However, the problem arises when some people suffering from breathing or lung disorders have to take additional help and one such help is an oxygen concentrator. It is nothing but a device that provides oxygen therapy to individuals who need help absorbing the proper amount of oxygen.

Talking in detail, oxygen concentrators help people who have a low level of oxygen in their blood. You can use them by plugging the device into an electrical outlet or by using a battery. If a battery is used, then they need to be charged and this can be done by plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Working of an Oxygen Concentrator

Coming to the working of an oxygen concentrator, it starts by taking in the air from the room or atmosphere, removing other gases, and delivering concentrated oxygen to the patient. It typically uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology that helps a particular gas from a mix of gases by leveraging the gases’ molecular characteristics.

Under high pressures, gas is usually attracted to solid surfaces. As you raise the pressure, the gas is adsorbed, and as you reduce it, the gas is released. Depending on their molecular make-up, different gases are adsorbed at different rates.

Once an oxygen concentrator separates oxygen from other gases, then the device releases oxygen through a mask, nasal tube, which can be used during a person’s sleep.

Benefits of Using an Oxygen Concentrator

Following are the benefits of using an oxygen concentrator.

1. Improved Life Quality: Regular use of an oxygen concentrator will allow you to enjoy life to its fullest. And the best part is that your mood will be improved and you will sleep much better. Disorders like dizziness, fatigue, and depression will disappear because now your organs receive the right amount of quality oxygen.

2. Better Physical Exercise Tolerance: If you take part in a regular physical workout program, you will have a better ability to keep up with your daily exercise routine. And with time, your endurance will get better, you will start enjoying your fitness training and get stronger and healthier by the day.

3. Compact Size: A home oxygen generator is designed for day to day uses. Such a concentrator is typically lightweight and compact, unlike an oxygen tank that is bulky and difficult to carry.