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Amount Of Fees Of Escort Services Depends On Various Parameters

The amount of fees of escort services varies with many factors like sexual beauty & attractiveness, commissions or competition from legal or the illegal sources of escort or call girl in Dwarka. An agency charges their escorts either flat fee for each client or the high fees charged by the escort agencies and even agencies also deduct the license fees from the earnings directly.

Difference Between Independent Escorts & Escorts Agency

• Independent Escorts: The independent escorts have differing fees depending on the season or it also depends on whether client is regular or semi-regular customer. The independent escorts tend to see the clients, for extended meetings involving social activities or dinner.

• Escorts Agency: It provides cheaper sexual services on in call appointments, where clients visit the escort at her accommodation on appointment. The other service i.e. outcall services where the escorts visit the client either at home or hotel.

Once the agency decides to hire an escort, they provide photographs or pose for a photographer. All these pictures are posted on company’s website and circulated among the client’s for promoting businesses. There are some larger escort agencies which maintain the websites with photo galleries of their amazing and beautiful escorts. The clients contact the agencies on telephone and offer their description of what kind of escorts, they need and then the agencies as per client’s requirement suggest an escort who may fit that client’s need. The agency collects the client’s contact information and calls an escort as well as they protect the identity of escort.