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7 Sacrifices You Must Make if You're Going to Be in a Band

 7 Sacrifices You Must Make if You're Going to Be in a Band

The musician lifestyle is not for everybody, and most will agree it is only for those willing to accept the conditions that come with such a choice. In order to pursue musical success, you will have to dedicate a significant amount of your time and resources, as well as make numerous, inevitable sacrifices. If making music with your friends really means that much to you, though, then there are seven sacrifices you should expect to make.


If you are married with children, then your family is going to miss you. Rehearsal and gigs will take you away from home at least two (if not three or four) nights a week, and touring will have you away for weeks and sometimes months on end. Hopefully you are making enough money to hold up your end of the bills, or better yet, support the whole unit.


The addendum to the prior sacrifice is that friendships, including the one with your spouse or significant other, are going to be challenged by your intermittent absence. Strong, self-reliant partners and friends are really the only sorts of people who can weather this kind of arrangement. The good thing is that the likelihood of carrying on codependent relationships, at least with people who aren't in your band, becomes quite slim.


You will hold a string of part-time temporary jobs. Whatever you went to college for that stands to someday become your career will eventually come to a head with your fixation on music. Ultimately, you may have to make a choice between joy and security.


Expendable income that would normally be spent on vacations, fancy dinners and new cars will not be used in such ways. There are the constant expenses of guitar strings, drum sticks, amplifier repairs and tour van maintenance that must be addressed -- and when the gig money does not take care of the bills, you're going to have to pay out of pocket. It's just one of the sacrifices you must make if you want to be in a band.


Constant exposure to low frequency sound waves carried mainly by bass tones can eventually result in a chronic case of tinnitus. At the onset of your career, be proactive and invest in several sets of high-tech sonic ear plugs.


Being up for half and sometimes all of the night, as well as driving many hours between shows, means grabbing a bite to eat wherever and whenever you can. Unfortunately, the healthiest choices are not always available at 3:00 a.m. in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to bring plenty of vitamin supplements to ensure that you are getting some sort of nutrition amidst all that fast food.


It is a well-documented fact that musicians can be fussy, flighty and all around difficult people to deal with. One of the biggest sacrifices you must make if you're going to be in a band is the luxury of personal space. You will be cramped in a van with your band mates, sharing hotel rooms with them and then standing next to them on stage. Before you sign a record deal and hit the road, it is crucial that you can tolerate the people you make music with, as your patience will be tested to the limit.

Success in music is a battle hard won. The sacrifices you must make if you are going to be in a band, however, are well worth it when your ship comes in.