May 31, 2018 3

Gadgets That Make Workouts More Productive and Fun

Workouts can also be uninteresting and chore-like without the right amount of assistance. Here is a list of cool gadgets that will eliminate many such frustrations from your weekly exercise regimen for better results:

Fitness Tracker

Do you know how many paces you moved as you completed that 5-mile run? You would if you had a fitness tracker. Both hard-core fitness enthusiasts and casual exercisers can benefit from a fitness tracker. These little devices can conveniently be worn around your wrist. As you exercise, the tracker will make calculations based on the activity.

Fitness trackers are exceptionally useful to keep track of various workout programs. You don’t have to make any mental calculations when you wear one of these. These trackers can also monitor your heart rate as you work out. Plus, you can wear one at night to monitor sleep. It’s the ultimate fitness gadget to boost the effectiveness of each activity you do.

Bluetooth Earphones

Tired of having wires getting tangled in your arms as you jog or lift weights? One of the most frustrating aspects of working out listening to music is having to put up with earphones with wires. You can completely eliminate that hassle by opting for wireless headphones.

Bluetooth-powered headsets and earplugs will let you exercise in peace without causing any tangles or inconveniences. For exercise purposes, it’s best to purchase a headset that is water resistant or sweatproof. Be willing to spend around a hundred dollars or more for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones that can recreate the excellent sound.

Smart Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is great for warming up and burning all that belly fat. This age-old activity item has recently gotten a tech makeover that boosts its functionality. A smart skipping rope acts as a fitness tracker as well as an actual skipping rope.

You can know exactly how many times you jump, how many calories you burn, or whether your heart rates spikes by using the smart skipping rope. It can be connected to your smartphone to track training data that you can use to improve your skipping sessions and maximize energy expenditure.

Heart Rate Monitor

Your heart rate matters a lot when it comes to exercise, regardless of your age. Your heart rate indicates whether you are engaging in aerobic or anaerobic exercise. If you want to burn stored fat and not lean muscle, it’s important to understand how your heart rate is when you exercise.

It’s impossible to calculate your heart rate as you exercise. You may feel the heart beating harder as your pick up the pace. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are overworking. To know for sure, wear a heart rate monitor. Far from drab medical devices, modern heart rate monitors can be connected to smartphones and computers for complete analyses of data.

If you really want to build muscle or lost weight, then you need to make sure your workout sessions are actually productive. It’s easy to go to the gym and get lost in a rhythm without really knowing whether the activities you engage in are generating results. Therefore, make use of the above gadget suggestions to improve your exercise sessions for the better.