Oct 13, 2018 0

5 Important Tips To Remember When Touring On A Motorbike

Motorbike exploring? Here’s how.

Plan This Well Ahead Of Time

Touring on a motorcycle is not rocket science but it does involve quite a bit of planning. And this kind of planning needs a lot of time to perfect. Of course, that depends entirely on the nature of your trip. If it’s just a short, 2-day tour for the weekend, then that reduces the planning quite significantly. But if you have a long-term trip planned, involving crossing several cities and through rough terrains as well, then it goes without saying that you will need the before mentioned time to plan ahead. Failing to give it this time may involve in you getting lost, or even having to spend nights in not so pleasant places.

Your Battle Horse: If You Own It And If You Don’t

Just like a loyal and steadfast battle horse would have helped you win in a battle, the motorbike that you choose to travel on and tour on will ultimately be the reason for the success of your trip. If you already own a bike, make sure it’s in top condition for long hours of touring. Getting it serviced is a great ideaespecially if you haven’t used it in a while. If you don’t own one yet, first take the time to acquire the license to ride one, while you are looking for the ideal bike. Remember, if you are thinking of going on a long-term trip, you will have to be very sure of your riding skills as well as your vehicle. And while normal motorcycles may work quite well for a short trip, it is always best to look into 2019 touring motorcycles for the rougher trips you may have in mind.

Learning To Plan A Route

Use the time that you have set aside to plan, to plan out a route for your trip. It is vital that you plan a route that will allow you to easily have a refill on your food supply, as well as your fuel supply. Ask yourself what you want to see during your journey, for here, the journey is more important to you than your destination. If it is the towns you want to see, or the greenery, will ultimately help you decide on a route.

Packing The Right Way

Just like when you would backpack, focus on carrying only the most essential things with you when you tour. Avoid unnecessarily weighing down your bike. Remember that you may be able to buy whatever you need as you travel, so only pack that which you may not have access for.

Having To Rough It Some Nights

It goes without saying that not all nights on tour are going to be on comfortable B&Bs. Camping supplies will definitely have to be on your packing, as you may need them. Be sure to pack a heavy duty tent if you plan on touring in the rough terrains. Remember that weather can often be very unpredictable, despite how well you plan ahead for it.