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Envy Creative Launches Full-Service Video Production Studio

Los Angeles, Envy Creative Launches Full-Service Video Production StudioCA – March 13, 2017 – Producer Mike Vannelli has announced the launch of Envy Creative, an all-inclusive video production creative agency, complete with in-house studio to accommodate a comprehensive array of professional creative, filming, production and editing needs.

“We make great commercials, ads and start-up videos for businesses, products, brands and tech,” said Vannelli.

Envy Creative features an experienced team of video production professionals and the ability to create concepts and scripts, provide pre-production services, filming and perform all phases of post-production. The firm also provides services for apps, websites, products and crowdfunding projects. Projects are typically delivered within only five weeks.

An effective commercial or video begins with a client consultation to ascertain individual needs and requirements. The studio’s professional team will determine how best to convey the client’s message in a clear and concise manner that’s easy for the intended audience to understand and to do so in a way that creates a need within the target market.

Envy designs a treatment that explains the thought processes behind the project concept, complete with information about the resources required to achieve the final product. Professional actors are hired that will best represent the client’s brand, message or product. The firm can collaborate with a wide variety of agencies and organizations involved with the client’s projects.

The company has a vast network of industry professionals with which it works to scout the best filming venues. Envy Creative also maintains an extensive indoor studio. Clients enjoy the benefits of the same professional equipment and techniques utilized by award-winning Hollywood movie makers.

A project isn’t finished when filming ends – it’s the beginning of the multi-step post-production phase in which the Envy Creative team examines and the footage to craft a final product. A variety of touches are added ranging from music and sound to special effects. Color grading and correction is also performed.

The launch of Envy Creative provides new and established businesses of any size with professional video and production services at affordable costs

About Envy Creative

Envy Creative is a full spectrum video production creative agency with an in-house studio to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. The agency provides a full range of video production services for TV commercials, start-up videos, YouTube, apps, websites, products and crowdfunding projects. Envy Creative maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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