Apr 03, 2018 2

Tips To Revamp Your Home

It is a known fact that houses tend to go through a great deal of wear and tear. You can't always have a fresh coat of paint and solid pipes with no leaks. From time to time the need to make repairs around the house will arise and this is something that cannot be put off for too long. In addition to this, you might also get bored of the same old appearance and feel that the house needs a new look. If you have been thinking of making alterations to the house, then these tips will surely help you revamp your home in no time.

The Walls Make a Difference

How often has this happened where you walk into a room which has been painted a different colour than what it used to be and think that you’ve walked into a completely new room? Well, it’s all due to the “wall colour magic”. Any major change to the wall is easily noticeable and plays a major role in transforming the area completely. You could either opt for a completely different wall colour to complement the existing furniture or you could just add frames or any wall ornaments that will spruce up the wall and make it look quite attractive.

Play with the colour scheme

If you want your house to go from oh so boring to super glam, then it is important to ensure that the colour coordination is well-maintained. There is nothing that ruins the look of a room than colour schemes that do not complement each other. You wouldn’t want to mix up colours such as grey and brown or orange and yellow which barely complement each other. Opt for pastel shades for the wall colour and add sofas, cushions and curtains with a slightly contrasting effect but not too contrasting. If you wish to add a “WOW” factor, you could add a carpet of statement piece that would stand out from the other furniture in the room.

Spend money wisely

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on major renovations such as expanding a room or breaking down a wall. All you need is the right sense of design and the knowledge to understand where to spend the money, if you wish to revamp your home without splurging. You must be a smart shopper and ensure that you take a trip to the stores that have great offers on bed linen, cushions, curtains and furniture. You could easily find out where the ongoing sales are taking place by typing in the keywords with your city name such as Bedsheet sale Singapore, if you are looking for bed linen within that city.

Changing the interior of the house will make a world of a difference in making it look as good as new. Not only will it give a refreshed appearance, it will also bring a smile to your face each time you walk into a room that you redesigned and redecorated by giving your own time and putting in a great deal of effort.