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Things to Do Before the Arrival of Your Baby

As the arrival of your baby nears, everything may start to seem like it’s rushed or you might feel like there’s not enough time to get yourself prepped and ready for the arrival of your newborn. It’s always best to have everything ready quite early on and be settled and relaxed during the later stages of your pregnancy. This way you won’t feel stressed out and also it prevents the possibility of you forgetting to do anything, instead you can use the time to relax and enjoy the last of your pregnancy. Below is a list of things that you do in preparation for your newborn:

Sort Your Baby’s Wardrobe

It may seem like a trivial task that requires little to no time and often you may put this off to the last minute. But in doing so you may not be able to pick out the best baby clothing for your little one or you may even not have time to do thoroughly shop. Therefore, it is best to get right on early on. Try to purchase pieces that can be used for a range of age and sizes, that is, the baby will go through many stages in changes of their size as they are born and it is best to be prepared with sufficient items for it.

Think Ahead to After the Birth

We often tend to get hung up on all things baby related during prepping for pregnancy and tend to forget what happens in our general life after the baby is born. For example food for you and your husband. This is probably something you haven’t even given any thought to but is quite significant. After giving birth to a little one and coming home with the newborn you are in no condition to whip up a hot dinner for you and your husband. To prepare for this, you can prep some freezer meals and have them ready. There are many recipes available for such meals, whip up a few of them while you wait during the last days of your pregnancy and freeze them. Trust me, you will be very thankful when there is plenty of food in the freezer to keep you going a few days.

Have a Hospital Bag Ready to Go

This point applies much closer to the due date; when the date of your baby’s arrival is nearing, gather all the essentials that you will need at the hospital as you go into labor. Once that water breaks, you will not be in the mindset to grab anything but to run to the hospital. Preparing early on and having the hospital bag ready would ease up the situation and allow both you and your husband to only focus on the rushing to the hospital part. You can take simple things, such as baby items like clothes and blankets, a clean pair of socks etc. Make sure to take some clean clothes for yourself to wear after the birth and anything else that you feel like you will need.