Jan 28, 2019 0

How to Make Your Bedroom Truly Yours While Retaining Functionality

When it comes to bedrooms, it is tempting to go all out and make the space yours. From displaying your favorite boy band’s posters to your artwork on the walls, you would be tempted to just fill up space with objects that you are fond of and design the room according to what you like. While this is good and actually something you should do, you should remember that functionality is just as important. A bedroom is quite possibly the most important room in a house. It is the place where you go to relax and calm down after a long day at work or school. Therefore it is important that while space is designed to reflect the person you are, it still remains functional. So here are a few ways to do exactly that.

Go With the “Less Is More” Approach

A common mistake people do is that they fill the room to the brim with things. There will be barely any space on the walls left and there will be dressers lined up everywhere. A room that is just too packed is uninviting and everything but soothing. You cannot relax in a space that is overcrowded with things. Furthermore, if there is not much walking space available, your room could feel more like a prison cell than a bedroom, therefore, choose the little is more approach when it comes to design. If you like playing music, instead of lining up the entire wall with posters of all your favorite bands, you could instead place your guitar on the wall and maybe have one or two posters on either side to bring attention to the fact that you love playing music. This also gives the deco more impact as people can focus better on a few items than not be able to focus at all.

Have Clever Storage Solutions

A problem many people have is that they do not have enough storage space. The solution they mostly come up with is many, many drawers that take too much space and makes the room feel overcrowded. If you have too many things you own instead of purchasing so many cabinets you can turn an entire wall into a storage unit. This way, all your belongings have a place to go and too much flow space won’t be lost. Also, try to be creative with the rest of the furniture. You can choose beds with storage underneath to store your sheets and quilts in. You could have multipurpose furniture. The possibilities are truly endless.

Think Out Of the Box

Sometimes the best way to incorporate aspects of yourself and your interests is by thinking out of the box. If you like the beach, instead of putting up paintings, try to bring in the aspect of the seaside into your room. Maybe have down-like quilts that have either patterns associated with the sea or maybe in colors that resemble the beach. You could have fish hooks with blunted edges in place of hooks for your clothes. You could store all your makeup brushes or scarves in a little pail. If you are truly feeling creative, you could even DIY ornaments made of seashells. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ways to incorporate your interests while still keeping the room functional.

Your bedroom is ultimately an extension of the person you are but it stills needs to be a space where you can find peace and tranquillity in. Therefore pay attention to the above and enjoy designing your room.