Feb 01, 2017 402

What You Need To Look For When Buying Wheelchair?

When it comes to mobility, it is extremely important to see the different kinds of chairs available that will not only make it easier for you to move around but does not compromise on comfort in any way. When you look at the different types of wheelchairs in the market, you can see that they all have some USP that makes it a hit.

However, if they lack in a few basic features, it can get hard for you to use them for a prolonged time. So if you are looking for a wheelchair, then make sure it has these few basic things in place before you look at the extra things that it offers:

Lumbar support

It is important to have this in a chair because you will be using it for a long time. When it comes to wheelchairs, it is important to see the kind of back support it gives you as your back will surely start hurting due to long hours of sitting on it. If it does not have the right kind of lumbar support, very soon you will start to feel uncomfortable with it and eventually have to deal with a lot of back problems.


Since travel is a big part of your life, when you are opting for travel wheelchair types make sure that you consider the weight of the wheelchair as well. You will need to carry the wheelchair wherever you go and if it is too heavy, not only will it become a hassle to carry around but you can find it tough to navigate as well. The lighter the wheel chair is, the better.


Different wheelchairs have different types of wheels. When you are buying one, look at the kind of wheels it has and try it out, to see what you can maneuver easily. Depending on your comfort level with the wheel, choose the chair. This can help you get used to it faster, and you will have better control of the wheelchair at all times as well. A good and sturdy wheel is very important.


Just like weight, the foldability of the wheelchair is also another important aspect to consider. You will not be able to take your wheelchair around to places if you are finding it difficult to fold it into a smaller piece. This makes it easy to move around with it, and it goes from being a hindrance to a benefit.


Another point you need to keep in mind is the height. Most wheelchairs have adjustable heights in order to help you get the right seating position. So if you are looking to make it better, just keep an eye out for the heights that you can reach with the wheelchair and choose the one you feel the most comfortable in.

Lift and Airplane Friendly

If you live in a place where there are lifts or you plan to travel by air, make sure you buy ones that can easily fit into the isle of the aircraft and pass through the lift doors as well. A travel wheelchair should be the right one for you in such case.

These are some of the points you should surely keep in mind when it comes to wheelchairs. Not only will it help make your life easier but you can use it for a very long period too.