Jan 19, 2017 609

5 Elements You Should Make Sure Your Designer Incorporates In Your Website Design

Be it a respected firm in New York or a credible company in Los Angeles for web design, a good firm will help you to incorporate certain elements into your website which will make it more appealing to someone who visits the site. The primary goals are to make the website user-friendly, clear about the services or products which you offer and establishing communication with the users. This can be done in the following way by incorporating these five elements:

1. Give Importance to Typography

The typography or the font which is used on the website is like a signature which you will imprint on the client. Every brand has a unique font with which it can identify itself. The reason why your web design should give importance to the font which is being used is that it helps the users to identify whether your website is fun, informational, functional, etc. Users will associate the content with the type of font used. Therefore the kind of message you are trying to convey will determine the appropriate font. It is also important to use fonts which can be supported on all browsers.

2. Use of Videos

Not everyone who visits your website will read everything. This is where you can place videos. You can have professionals from the industry talk about the services or products you offer. Short videos showing company employees talking about the company and the products or services of the company will also help in reaching out to the clients. You can also include client testimonials using videos. You can also use short explainer videos especially to educate the visitors about the product or service you are offering.

3. Use of Small but Expandable Images

If you visit any website of companies which sell commodities like smartphones or clothes, then you can notice the use of expandable images which show each and every detail about the product. This way the customers get to view the product and its features efficiently. This is meant for getting a feel of what the customers are going to buy. Thus it helps to place the product more effectively. Make sure the images are appropriate but can be magnified to a good pixel ratio for your customers.

4. Hamburger Menus

The older website designs use standard menus to display certain sections or categories of the website. While they help to direct the users to the desired page, these menus can consume web space. Hamburger menus are hidden, and the options are visible when the cursor is pointed over it. The concept was actually adopted from web applications.

5. Design Type

Ever heard of a flat or a semi-flat design? Flat design is one which places the product on the web page without giving any perception of its’ three dimensions. There is an increase in the use of semi-flat designs where the web page is designed in such a way that it can portray the product with angles and shadows. This helps to create a perception of the three dimensions of the product and make the product looking appealing. It can also help the users to understand the product or message better.

Web designs have to be dynamic and consistent at the same time. This is because they need to show that your brand or company stand out from the rest. The consistency should be maintained by keeping the web pages in a similar flow with like elements. Whether you are choosing a Los Angeles web design company or the one in California, make sure these elements are used to your advantage.