Jan 04, 2018 27

Why Should One Not Do Masters in Public Relations?

There was a time that getting a college degree was considered the best career move for someone to make. However, a lot of people are abandoning that mindset in favor of trade schools and gaining experience. Public relations is still a popular degree choice for many students, but some students are choosing this degree and career for the wrong reasons. These are the top three reasons not to get a Masters in public relations online or on a campus:

Writing Skills

Public relations has been glamorized in a way that some new students may believe that they will be reading press releases in front of cameras, but that's not the case for most public relation specialists. The majority of the work for someone in public relations is writing content and making sure that the content is going to be read, according to a Reddit post.

Writing is still a very large part of the public relations career, but making sure that the content is seen and read is even more important. This can involve a lot of time spent on an employer's social media.

People Skills

The way that public relation specialists share information has changed in comparison to the way information was shared twenty years ago, but one factor of the job has stayed the same: marketing. Marketing still plays a large role in businesses and non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations still put more emphasis on public relations, and businesses are more likely to emphasize marketing. However, public relations and marketing are still organized very closely to each other, and its expected that people who are involved in public relations will speak on the behalf of the company or individual to the public. Without a certain amount of people skills, it would be really difficult to make a successful career as a public relations specialist.


Public Relations can be a really rewarding field for people who are completely informed about their career decision. But there is a lot of misinformation online that can lead a new student to making the wrong decision.

For example, you can get a public relations degree and work in the fields of counseling or research. In an indirect way, that might be true. Some counselors and research companies may have employees who focus on public relations for individuals or companies as a whole. However, if a new student reads this and believes that he or she can work closely in the field of counseling, helping people, or work in the research field, that's not completely accurate. Public relation specialists are supposed to dedicate their time and effort to informing the public about the positive behaviors or actions of an individual or company. Sometimes articles like these can be confusing and misleading.

Before choosing to pursue a masters in public relations or a career, it's very important to do research on why public relations are important to a business and how you will have make a living by writing and spreading positive information about an employer.