Nov 17, 2017 5

Top 10 Drugs Rehabilitation Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona

There are more than 20 addiction treatment resources and programs available within the Scottsdale, Arizona area. For instance, when it comes to drug rehab in Scottsdale, here are 10 other drug rehabilitation centers in and around the Scottsdale area that you can consider:

SpringBoard Recovery Center

The SpringBoard Recovery Center has grown in popularity in recent years due to its solid track record of results, success and feedback received from family members and clients. This center offers a wide range of treatment options — such as addiction and alcohol treatment, dual diagnosis, intervention, detox and different forms of counseling (individual, group and outpatient).

Scottsdale Intervention and Counseling

This center focuses more on intervention and counseling, helping clients to come to terms with their addiction and working with them through counseling sessions to learn how to properly recover from them.

The New Foundation

This center provides an assortment of effective therapeutic programs that are specifically designed to assist young children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are struggling with addictions and/or mental health problems. There is a variety of treatment levels provided to the clients depending on their specific needs — including referral services and clinical assessment.


This center provides an intensive outpatient treatment program that allows adults to benefit from an effective inpatient treatment program. A variety of different types of counseling programs and plans are made available within this center for specific disorders and addictions. It is also known for treating women who suffer from eating disorders in addition to specific rehabilitation options and detox.

Scottsdale Treatment

This treatment center offers a wide range of counseling programs and medically assisted rehabilitation options that assist clients struggling with alcohol and/or drug addictions. The treatment programs are designed to relieve withdrawal symptoms from such drugs as OxyContin, hydrocodone and heroin.

Courage to Change

This treatment center offers weekly sessions that recovering addicts can benefit from as they continue to benefit from support groups and therapy sessions along their journey towards recovery.

Scottsdale Recovery Center

This recovery center is both an outpatient and inpatient treatment program that provides alcohol and drug rehabilitation options for people between the ages of 18 and 35. It also provides various options for people over the age of 35 as well.

Kathy Marcil

Kathy Marcil is an experienced specialist in the world of drug rehab in Arizona which is why her therapy and treatment sessions are growing in popularity within the Scottsdale area.

Harmony Family Group

This drug treatment and rehabilitation center is another Scottsdale option that works directly with its clients to design and develop a rehabilitation program that will get them on the proper path to recovery.

Desert Cove Recovery Center

This recovery center allows clients to benefit from such programs and treatment options as addiction association and holistic treatments in addition to residential long-term stays. Clients can also benefit from the provision of substance abuse treatment.

Scottsdale Fellowship

This group meets weekly on Wednesday nights from 8:00-9:00 PM and provides a comfortable setting for recovering addicts to share their experiences and help one another.