Oct 10, 2017 238

Top 10 Affordable Online Master’s in Communication 2017

Here is a list of the top 10 universities and colleges where you can get a Masters in Communication online:

California Baptist University

At California Baptist University (CBU), you are able to earn your Master’s degree in one year instead of two. This means that you can enjoy time savings and financial savings – up to $11,799 in tuition – by attending CBU.

University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska offers several areas of specialization – professional journalism, media studies and integrated media communications. It is designed for media professionals, communication instructors and anyone else with a strong commitment to the communication industry.

Concordia University

To obtain the Masters in Communication online through Concordia University, you will enjoy 7-week courses that explore such topics as crisis communication management and communication strategies regarding conflict management.

South Dakota State University

The primary focus at South Dakota State University with the Master’s degree in Communication is mass communication. The program is designed for professional communicators and journalists that are looking to obtain more knowledge and improve their existing skillset.

Queens University of Charlotte

The Master of Communications degree program at Queens University prepares its students for high-level career paths in a wide variety of fields within the media and communication arenas. Students are required to complete capstone research projects to complete the program and receive their degree.

Liberty University

The online degree within communication studies at Liberty University is primarily for professionals seeking careers either in doctoral communication studies or teaching. It includes a catalog of courses in communication practices and theory as well as leadership communication, interpersonal communication and persuasion strategies.

Minnesota State University

The online program at Minnesota State University focuses on the professionals who want to build their expertise and knowledge within this thriving field. There are also graduate certificates available in such areas as technical communications and forensics.

Spring Arbor University

The online program at Spring Arbor University uses 6 different start dates to add flexibility for aspiring students. The coursework consists of such classes as interpersonal communication, communication theory and vocation.

East Carolina University

The accredited Masters program at East Carolina University consists of high-quality courses in such areas as multicultural communication disorders, language disorders and research design. Students are required to participate in an internship during the spring months of their second year.

Regent University

Regent University offers students an accredited degree for a Masters in Communication online. There is also an optional extension for a concentration that focuses on strategic communication. This educational course is designed for flexibility and accommodates students with flexible schedules to attend graduate school without putting their personal and/or professional life on hold to do so. This accelerated program can be completed in as little as one year. There is a vast assortment of required courses – including strategic communication, media research and analysis, information resources and research as well as public relations and social media. As is the case with many of the schools featured on this list, Regent University is a nationally ranked institution.