Mar 05, 2018 29

Questions Before Choosing Masters in Public Relations Program

If you’re charismatic, ambitious, and have good communication skills, then a Public Relations degree can help you go far. A Master’s will help you land a job in the upper echelons of the field, which means you’ll be entrusted with high stakes reputation management, such as a press secretary, publicist, or press contact for a large organization. Here are a few questions to ask before going forward.

Q: What’s the difference between an Bachelor’s versus Master’s in Public Relations?

A: Choosing to pursue a Master’s degree in any field is a decision making process that should occur with careful consideration, since some advanced degrees won’t actually help you climb the professional ladder. However, Inside Jobs states that if you want to progress in the public relations field beyond a Public Relations Representative, that you’ll need a Master’s, noting that the field is competitive, and requires a lot of training and specialized knowledge.

Q: How should I assess the cost for a Master’s degree?

Tuition rates vary by school, locale, and country. However, there are other costs to consider when you’re pursuing a degree that aren’t just tuition. For example, if you’re commuting to a campus, you need to factor in transportation expenses. If you’re utilizing student housing, this can get extremely costly. On the other hand, online degrees are good options for many students who want a flexible schedule and to avoid transportation and housing fee. Options for Masters in public relations online USA are broad, and online degrees are now as equally regarded as a degree learned on-campus with the advent of distance learning.

Q: How long does a Master’s take?

The standard Master’s degree takes about 12 months, but that can vary based on the program and scheduling. Some colleges allow part-time study, while others require a full course load each semester. It varies by school. Generally, though, you can expect to spend about a year cumulatively completing this degree.

Public Relations is a field where having a Master’s can be very helpful. Not only do you have the actual qualification attached to your name, but you’ll learn essential information and techniques that otherwise you wouldn’t have without going through a program. There are theories and trends in the field that you have to learn from the experts. Communication skills are also further honed, which is especially important since that’s core to what makes a successful PR professional. It’s a competitive field, and having a Master’s gives you both the knowledge and an edge.