Oct 13, 2017 8

How Popularity of Private STEM Schools are Rising Day by Day

In the last few years, more and more parents are choosing schools that focus on STEM skills. Given the job climate, it’s easy to see why. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about 9 million jobs that involve STEM will undergo a projected growth of about 9 million between the years 2012 to 2022. That is about an increase of about a million jobs and all of it will require specialized skills and talents in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Shortage of skills

Recruiters today express concerns, saying they are having a tough time finding talents to fill in positions. Bloomberg reports that seven out of nine states well known for their high-quality data all had a difficult time finding the right people to get on board their tech jobs. That scenario isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Training old-school

Education provides students with training that enables them to learn, develop and hone skills and talents later integral to their jobs and careers. In the past, it was enough to get a college diploma to have a decent chance at landing a job. These days, with a skills gap between talents and jobs, more and more graduates are finding it hard to get hired. That’s where schools focusing on STEM education and training come in.

STEM education

Parents who want their children to get ahead of the rest of the pack see the value in investing in the right sort of education. One way they’re making that happen is by finding a private STEM school in New York for their child. With options like Archbishop Molloy High School, parents have several sound choices they could go for. If you want to ensure that your child acquire the necessary skills and talents s/he would need to be successful in the future and find a stable, good paying job, you can start by choosing the right school. That's one way to start them early on the path to success.

Culture and values

However, while STEM training can get your child to an interview, it’s going to be their leadership skills, attitude and mindset that are a going to get them the job and seal the deal. That’s why you should consider the school’s culture as well. Does it foster the right kind of values you want your child to learn and stand for in the future? Will it provide them with opportunities to hone their leadership skills? Will it enhance emotional intelligence and not just critical thinking?


It’s not going to be enough to have STEM skills. One needs to have the discipline and values companies love. Those are the qualities that are going to get your child the job of her dreams. Remember that when you look for a private STEM school in New York. If the school’s culture doesn’t seem to be a good fit or wouldn’t nurture the values you want your child to have, then it’s best to simply look elsewhere.