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Explore the 6 essentials of Construction Photography

It has become a norm nowadays to check out photos and review sites before visiting any location, be it for vacation or business purposes. People recognize popular cities around the world from the architectural photos that they have seen all around the web. Construction photography is also being employed by map services like Google maps, to provide a street view of any location around the world. Here are six essential tips that will help you improve your Construction photography and take it new heights –

  • Shoot in a Variety of Conditions

Most photographers tend to photograph a building during the magic hour of the day. This leads to dramatic images that paint a visual relationship of the building with its surroundings. Although tempting, these images show the building at a specific time in the day, under perfect weather conditions. You should consider shooting your subject under different weather conditions and during different hours of the day, as this would allow the viewer to get a better understanding of the building’s relationship with its surroundings.

  • Always Look for Good Light

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. It helps enhance different features and textures, and if used correctly then it can help you focus the viewer’s eye on your subject too. Always look for good lighting conditions regardless of the weather or the time of the day. Good light will put the building and the open space in it, into perspective for the viewer. It will also put the construction under general perspective which would allow the viewer to get a better understanding of the depth and space of the construction.

  • Get a Different Angle and Don’t be Afraid to Include People

A different and unique angle will often offer a different and new perspective on the construction that you are photographing. This can often answer the questions and doubts about the building, in the minds of the viewers. On the other hand, empty buildings often look barren and unnatural. Hence you should never hesitate to include one or two people in the photo. Just make sure that they do not take away the viewer’s attention from the main subject of the photograph. When photographing activity centers and gymnasiums, it is a good idea to include an athlete in the photograph. There are a lot of such centers in Austin Texas. Hence construction photography in Austin often consists of athletes and people included in them. Most of Austin’s architectural photography is carried out by reputed companies such as Red Wing Aerial Photography.

  • Avoid the Objectification of your Subject

Avoid clicking photographs from that one perfect angle that makes the building look beautiful. Such photographs often lead to disappointment as they offer a single perspective of the construction. Often a building will look totally different from what is depicted in the photo. This is usually due to the objectification of buildings. You should avoid this and click from multiple angles to provide a broader perspective of the building to your audience.

  • Always Carry a Tilt-shift Lens

Tilt-shift lenses help you keep the lines of a building straight without suffering from chromatic aberrations and perspective distortion. Unlike most lenses, tilt-shift lenses feature two pivots that allow you to adjust the perspective of the lens on the X-axis and the Y-axis. This gives you the freedom to move the front element of the lens until the building looks straight and free from distortion. A tilt-shift lens is a must if you want to take up architectural photography professionally.

  • Research and Revisit the Site Multiple Times

You should research plenty before doing your photo shoot. You should research about the area, the direction of it in respect to the sun, surrounding environment and much more. This will allow you to plan your photo shoot according to the light and angles available without any obstructions in the middle of it. Reading about a building’s history can also give you a unique and new perspective on it. You should visit the site practically in case of activity centers and public places, just like the construction photography in Austin that was discussed earlier. This would offer you a new perspective and give you the chance to find some new angles and unique subjects in and around the construction for the day of the photo shoot.

Construction photography requires professional skill and equipment to produce commercial grade images. The above-stated tips are some of the essential guidelines of construction photography that will help you create the best frame possible.