Jun 19, 2017 1051

Then & Now

Hello I am Eli from Tel Aviv, Israel and this June I'm celebrating exactly a year since I bought my A6300.

I've always been drawned to photography, but I never thought about doing anything more than documenting family events or major personal occasions in my life, and I certainly did not think about taking it in the artistic direction

Street Photograpy

So what do you do when you get a new and sophisticated camera and you do not own a pet to photograph?

You go to the streets!

I was lucky and I live in the center of an amazing city that has everything in it: Colorful streets, amazing sunsets and of course beautiful people.
So I took my new hobby to the streets and fell in love with street photograpy. 
It wasn't easy at the start but the more I went out with my camera the more I got better at it and produced better photographs.

I've also developed a real interest in capturing moments, which shows the real people who make this city so uniqe...

Most of the time I tried to bring people into the frame but it did not always work out for me in the way that I wanted it to...

Overcoming Obstacles

One of the reasons I began to go out and make pictures is because that a year and a half ago I started to suffer from terrible back pains that caused me to reduce my favorite activity until that time, which was martial arts.
I found myself with a lot of free time at hand and since I am a person who likes to stay occupied I felt that street photography is the thing for me.
It also required me to spend long hours of walking on the streets, which is ironically, exactly what the Dr. has prescribed. So in a way street photography helped me a lot in overcoming my physical condition I was in.

And here are the advantage of the sony mirrorless system comes handy, with its compactness and lightness.

I usually go out in the afternoon and arrive to the beach just in time to watch the sunset...

I also have to thank my good friends for letting me experiment on them...

Then & Now

I never dreamed I would be where I am today. I feel that every day I learn something new, becoming more creative and get new and ideas.

These days I'm working on a new project that really interests me - I call it “Then & Now”
Through this project I will try to convey the feeling of the life that was here in Tel Aviv many years ago and show all the things that have changed since and all the things that have not changed so much.

Kind of like me in the past year - a lot has changed in me but I still same.