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Top Notch Application Development Platforms For You To Consider

Whether you are the owner of an Android company or a web application development firm, you need to make use of application development technologies that can help you to create useful applications. Here are some of the most popular app development frameworks that are in use these days.


ASP.NET Core works as the thoroughly redesigned version of ASP.NET which is an open source, lean, cross-platform and easily workable framework. It is equipped with numerous great tools and features which can accelerate the development of various types of custom web applications as well as cloud-based applications. ASP.NET Core applications can be run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. ASP.NET Core can also run applications on the existing infrastructure or deploy the web applications within the cloud environment.


Laravel is a PHP web framework that is strongly recommended by every leading Web application maintenance company. It is an open source web framework for PHP which makes it easier to develop complex and large web applications through a MVC or model-view-controller architectural pattern. Laravel also provides with a highly elegant yet simple toolkit which can be used to develop custom web applications that can suit the needs of various business houses. With the help of Larval, it is possible to increase the speed of web application development by simply implementing components that are provided by various web frameworks.

JavaServer Pages (JSP)

JavaServer Pages has been created by Oracle to accelerate the speed of developing dynamic web content. It also simplifies the whole process and can be used as a powerful server-side web based technology which can assist in developing platform-independent and dynamic content.

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