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Best Features Of New Salesforce Lightning

Start-ups and businesses who want to solve problems in their business and improve customer relationship must hire a Salesforce consultant. Salesforce is a software-based solution that aims to provide solutions to difficulties that occur in a business. There are many benefits of hiring a Salesforce expert and professional who can give the right advice about using Salesforce software for business growth and promotion. The classic version of Salesforce is usually used but it is now being replaced with a new version that has better functions than the older version.

The new version of Salesforce is called Lightning. Business owners who are using Salesforce must migrate to the new version and they can take the help of a consultant for this purpose. The new Salesforce Lightning will not have some of the older features. It will provide you new user experience. Some existing features have been made better and upgraded while many new features are introduced for the first time. This will give you a great experience in using Salesforce and implementing it in your business. The fields that were unused in Salesforce are removed in the Lightning version. Thus, there will not be any unnecessary fields in it.

People who migrate to the Salesforce Lightning will be able to define key processes. Businesses can train their employees on using the new version to get the maximum benefit out of it. There are profile specific homepages in it. The kanban view allows you to have the view grouped in various sections and categories. The sales path enables you to do data entry easily. Take help of a Salesforce consultant if you need help for using the new Salesforce version.

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