Jan 22, 2017 455

My Ghurka is Not Only for Travel

I credit my husband with introducing me to Ghuka. He first purchased the Overlander No. 3 and later the Gearpack II No. 270 for my long distance trips to visit family. One stores all my electronics and the other nicely holds my wallet and other valuables. Later, he suggested buying a jewelry roll. I didn’t think I needed it; now it also is along on every trip. A cold winter prompted a purchase of my Ghurka gloves.

I love all the Ghurka Chestnut and Vintage Chestnut products. But I have added several seasonal colors to my growing Ghurka collection. My Ghurka goes as easily to the grocery store as it does to a concert.

My travel bags and handbags are proportional and functional. But, the Ghurka quality is what makes me a repeat customer.

Since our buying is online, I want to praise the Ghurka representatives for their careful selection and packing of our purchases.