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Dreamy Lehenga Colours for the New-age Bride

Weddings are always a lot of fun but what’s more fun is never-ending shopping which often gets us all confusing. This age is all about trying out new trends and making the wedding as unique as possible. This is probably the reason why we have seen, and continue to observe, so many new trends budding in the fashion industry especially in terms of bridal wear, particularly the lehenga designs and colours for brides.

One great place to evaluate this change in trends is Carma Online as they have the timeless and latest designs so that everyone can find what they want and are looking for. What is even better is that they now also exhibit plus-size lehengas for brides, like the one shown below, by Garima and Pankaj:

While red has always remained and will continue to rule as the most dynamic bridal lehenga color, there are unique and equally gorgeous colors that have begun to dominate the fashion industry. Here are some of the dreamiest and popular colors the new-age brides chose for their weddings:

1. Lavender

There are many designers nowadays who are releasing their bridal lehenga designs in pastel colours, the likes of lavender. Designers like Shantanu and Anushree Reddy have come up with gorgeous designs and this shade has picked up like wildfire! It is also because lavender adds freshness to an outfit and works for wedding events, irrespective of the time during which it is taking place.

2. Sage green

A personal favorite, sage green is quite unexpected and that is what makes it so unique and beautiful. As green is the new black of the season, it only makes sense for brides to opt for a subtle shade of green for their special day. New-age brides often opt for a mellow version of the colour along with embroidery and gota work to complement the colour. Many Sabyasachi lehengas can be viewed in the same color with different variations in terms of designs, fabrics and embellishments. A very different choice from the traditional red, sage green will definitely make you stand out.

3. Rose gold

A very regal and magnificent choice of colour, rose gold looks ethereal when used for a bridal lehenga. The best thing about this colour is that it is both glamorous and fun and can work well for all the functions, whether it is the pheras or the reception party!

4. Deep violet

The shade that was previously smirked upon has finally found its way into the bridal fashion industry, and that too, with a bang! Usually found in rich fabrics like velvet or silk, deep violet goes exceptionally well with heavy and intricate embroidery and rich jewelry.