Jan 23, 2017 1094

Always be professional

I was a young Detective in the NYPD and met my much older partner at JFK as were about to board a plane to interview someone in California regarding a very serious matter.  He was dressed beautifully and carrying an impeccable overnight bag.  I asked why he was in a suit since our work was taking us to very rough areas in Los Angeles. He replied "because we are New York City Detectives, that's why".  He was obviously right.  We were in a serious profession and often traveled so I decided that moment to upgrade my luggage and project a more professional image.   We worked in Mid Town Manhattan so I walked into the Ghurka store on 57th Street and bought myself an Express No. 2 in Vintage Chestnut.  It has been my carry on for more than 25 years and has aged beautifully.  Since that day I have owned several Ghurka briefcases, agendas and wallets and I have been happy with every purchase.  It was an unusual circumstance that led me to you but you have a customer for life.