Nov 15, 2016 1356

America's 1st Master Sommelier is a Ghurka Geek

I bought my first 2 pieces of Ghurka luggage in 1987 (the #137 Fielding) and the #131 and here they are 29  years later looking better than they did when I first got them. They have taken every trip I have ever gone on for business and pleasure all over the world. I carry the Fielding every day. People always comment when they see these in airports asking ....what are they?

I have 9 other pieces of gear... 2 suitcases, attaches, Barrister, Delegate, DOP, Wine Carrier and two # 2 Express bags for me and the wife. I am a full blown Ghurka Geek. Nothing looks better than a 25 year old piece of Marley's work.

Eddie Osterland, America's 1st Master Sommelier

La Jolla, California