How to Rank a Website on Bing

It’s a big question whether Google is the only place where people search on various topics? Is it so easy to optimize a site in Google? May be search engine optimization is not that easy.

So, people today think whether to optimize the site on other sites too like Bing and yahoo. It could be a good option if one can get effective results from Google, Bing and Yahoo simultaneously.

Why choose Bing?

According to a study Bing gets a total search of 17% in US. This number is not so high but it’s good news that the percentage is growing high continuously. The same study goes on to show that the number of Bing users are increasing gradually.

So if also want to rank your website in Bing, you should look to improve the following elements of your website.

1. Flash: Unline Google, Bing usually does support site with enormous flash effects. So, you can easily upload a flash-loaded site on Bing without any worries knowing that you carry out a proper optimization as you need. It helps you to get a higher rank in the search engine.

2. Backlinks: Incorporating backlinks always come out as an effective way to improve your search engine optimization. Bing always gives more importance to effective backlinks and thus you can enhance the overall visibility of your website. So you need to pit quality inbound links to give your site a better rank in Bing.

3. Site structure: Site structure or the layout is another important feature Bing considers. However, it’s a common feature for any search engines and thus makes sure your site comes out with a simple structure featuring the ways to get interlinked. A website must easily be crawled that helps the search engines to detect your site.

Also, your site becomes user-friendly and the search engines can navigate freely followed by good inbound links and pages loading faster.

4. Inbound anchor text gets more importance: Bing pays more attention to the anchor text and the number of inbound links is not so much important. So, you have to put good anchor text in order to get a good position on Bing.

5. Authority of the site: Bing always considers the authority of the website, which comes out with certain negative impacts. Thus, the search results increase as the sites grow older and one can get good results for popular organizations. Bing is much stronger than Google in this matter and thus Bing usually ignores the newer domain names and the ranking thus gets low.

6. PR matters less: While researching on the competitive keywords, you can find PR1 and PR2 websites featuring in the top 10 list. A low PR website gets a higher rank in the search engine whereas you won’t find any such option in Google.

7. Fresh content matters less: Also, Bing won’t pay attention to fresh content like Google. Domain age plays the most important role here and you would receive higher ranks as your domain grows older. SEO Experts say that longer posts with detailed topics get more value in Bing.

8. Algorithmic complexity: Bing turns out with a simpler algorithm than Google. There are no constant updates in the algorithms and if any changes happen there is a long way in Bing. So, if you are worried of a Penguin or Panda attack then you can now get rid of all the worries knowing that you are safe in Bing and can achieve a good rank easily.

9. Crawability: Bing takes much longer to crawl to a website than Google because the features are still not as advanced as that of Google. Thus, it takes time to get indexed in the search engines, which may affect your site’s visibility. So, you have to wait to get suitable optimization results in Bing.

10. Maintain a balance between SEO for Bing and for Google: It’s good to avoid overuse of backlinks and keyword stuffing as these affects your SEO rankings both in Bing and Google. These are bad techniques and Google may penalize your site. That’s not a good news for your website. Thus, whether you are using Bing or Google you must keep these things in mind in order to get rid of all the controversies.

Overall, the above-mentioned points reveal the Google and Bing almost use same techniques to rank pages in search engines. However, the competition is lower in Bing and thus you may find it easier.

In this regards, it’s always important to take help of SEO Services in Delhi from a reputable service provider who can optimize your site with suitable on-page SEO elements like page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, URL structure, headings and images.

Now, here is a great news that once you optimize your page for Bing you can easily grab the results in Yahoo, as Yahoo results depend on Bing optimization. So, if you are optimizing your page first on Google, second on Bing you can easily get the third search engine as Yahoo.

Note: You can choose the priority of the search engines while optimizing your site. You can opt for Google but at the same time you can carry out Bing-Yahoo optimization comparing the benefits.