Oct 19, 2017 31

The Warlord

Duncan Quinn...the DaVinci of Edgy Style
and Self-Confidence

5 years ago I didn’t know Duncan Quinn. We had not yet become friends and traveled together.

5 years ago I looked as if I had been dressed in the dark by droopy-eyed, armless gnomes. I have a large 5 foot 18 inch body that is not easy to fit with off-the-rack suits.

Enter Duncan.

Now I trust my friend Duncan implicitly with suit creation. Each suit is a magnum opus. Duncan knows what fabrics and colors work best with each client. He is gifted beyond measure in this. He is not merely selling suits, he is selling confidence and expression of your personality.

In July of 2017, I summited Mount Kilimanjaro in a sturdy white suit from DQ . I slogged for 10 hours in that rig on summit day just to be me and to capture a magnificent photo in it. It had to be a white suit to be the most impractical yet fun choice.

From the mountaintops to the Monte Carlo Casino and anywhere in between, Duncan has you covered.

Trust in him and watch the magic ensue.

Mount Kilimanjaro gave up its final treasure and we all summited but our team had to work for it. We went round trip from Barafu Camp at 15,200 feet of elevation to the summit at 19,341 feet. It was 5 kilometers each way climbing and a 10 hour day. Still yet, it doesn't mean you can't dress nicely for the occasion...   @warlordtomm