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the movie gun tie collection

Our Iconic DQ Movie Gun Ties...

Believe it or not, these ties originated with a wedding party. The groom (who admittedly is a bit rock 'n roll, and also entrepreneurial royalty) and his bride to be had decided they wanted pistols on their ties. Not a shotgun wedding, but more of a six-shooter wedding. So, of course, given our penchant for bespoke items, we obliged. From there on out the inspiration became the pop-culture of the weapons used by interesting characters in our favorite movies. From Bond, to Snatch, to Get Carter, Star Wars and beyond. And thus the DQ Movie Gun Tie was born. 

Now with one exception to prove the rule, the Knotted Gun.

Always handmade in England. Always the pinnacle of quality. Enjoy.


knotted gun

Inspired by the bronze sculpture, “Non-Violence,” by Reuterswärd after the death of his friend, singer, and peace activist John Lennon in 1980.

Make your personal statement.

the golden gun

The signature weapon of assassin Fransisco Scaramanga - “The Man with the Golden Gun”. A Custom-built, single-shot pistol assembled from four seemingly innocuous golden objects: a pen, a lighter, a cigarette case and a cufflink. “One golden shot means another poor victim has come to a glittering end.” ― The Golden Gun


The DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was a type of heavy blaster pistol produced by BlasTech Industries that was used during the years of the Galactic Republic and the Age of the Empire. 

walther ppk

Ladies' man, ladies gun...those words signaled the end of the fifteen-year affair between James Bond and his .25 Beretta. After a Court of Inquiry, M., ordered it confiscated. From then on, his star agent was to be outfitted with a new gun. And so began the storied association of James Bond and the Walther PPK.

bond beretta

But what of Bond’s affection for the much-maligned Beretta? Despite the Secret Service Armorer’s clinical distaste for a gun he believed better suited to the ladies, the Beretta had reliably served 007. It never jammed. It was easy to conceal. And most importantly, the bullet went where directed—with life-saving dependability.