Oct 31, 2017 29

Everlasting shirts

The everlasting-dq-bespoke shirt

"Six years ago, I was preparing to launch my own company. In preparation for what was sure to be a belt-tightening time in my life, I paid a visit to duncan quinn for a few key staples I could wear with confidence in front of potential investors and clients. Through speaking engagements, pitches, and critical meetings, they passed all tests with flying colors. In fact, despite having made custom and bespoke shirts with other shirtmakers around the same time, they are the only ones that lasted the course. I threw the other brands away. 

The duncan quinn ones - I still wear to this day...
Almost six years later.  And they look as good as new.

Now that the hard work has paid off, and I've sold my company, I can indulge in the luxuries of life once again. So one of my first stops was to duncan quinn to re-stock on products that not only last, but that give you the confidence you need to build, run, and sell your next company."