Jul 29, 2017 4

Life changes in an instant

November of 2014, we decided to relocate our family to a coastal town in North Carolina.  Moving from Ohio was a pretty big undertaking, to say the least.  Things were good, we settled in and our kids made tons of friends, it was just what we were looking for!  In 2016, my wife went in to have a benign cyst removed from her throat.  When she came out of surgery she could not form words, or swallow.  We quickly realized something went wrong with the procedure.  After a 14 day stay in UNC - Chapel Hill, which was almost 3 hours away, we learned that both her 12th Cranial nerves were severed in surgery, leaving her without the ability to talk normally or swallow food.  She had a total of 4 surgeries within the first 4 days, let alone what seemed like hundreds of doctors and specialists trying to figure out what had happened.  She had to have a feeding tube placed in her stomach, ongoing therapy sessions, and due to this accident was unable to work.  She was the Director of Talent Acquisitions at a leading cable company.  She had a team of 12 people who worked for her, and she led them effortlessly!  2016 was a long and trying year for us, though her spirit, drive and determination is never ending. She has come a long way, and tries harder every single day.  She has made some improvements but in reality, she may never get back to 100%.  My family and I are just glad that she is still here with us.  Don't ever take anything for granted, as life can change in an instant.  The above picture is not great, by any sense of the word, but it marks the daily struggles, heartaches and improvements. Thanks Sony for allowing me to capture that.