Aug 03, 2017 6

Under the waves

The oceans cover about 70% of earth's surface, and contain many amazing animals and sights. It seemed only appropriate to spend some effort trying to capture these unusual sights to share with my more landlocked friends. With a scuba certification in hand and the ready availability of modern scuba equipment, it was natural to direct my photographic interests towards underwater sights. Although I've tried various equipment options, I find using my Sony a6000 in an underwater housing provides a very good and cost-effective solution for underwater photography. The Sony's excellent low-light performance and fast autofocus has allowed me to capture many great underwater pictures with ease. The small lightweight aspect of the a6000 makes the housing not cost too much and keeps the whole package less bulky underwater. Also, by using it both above and underwater, I get double duty out of my a6000 and don't have to buy multiple cameras.