May 15, 2017 39

Yoga Sunrise

Yoga embodies physical, mental, and spiritual practices. As photography is a  visual art, it is the physical part of yoga that draws me to it as a subject.

Jess, Taylor, and I hit the beach early one morning to do some light painting and capture poses. If photography is light drawing (from the Greek, photo graphos), my challenge was to capture yoga using light - or the absence of it - to highlight form. We figured the best way to do that was to use silhouette, with the beauty of the sunrise contrasting with the outline of a yoga pose.

Using simple tools - a “light wand” that is basically a flashlight with an orange cover - and a tripod mounted Sony a7R Mark II paired with a 24-70mm Sony Zeiss zoom lens at 24mm - we let the light - and the lack of it - tell our story.

Although we can only show the physical through the yoga pose, it is the majesty of the early sunrise that helps to convey the spiritual and mental aspects of the practice. By exposing for the background and letting the foreground subject go to black, a simple technique was able to tell a deep and powerful story. The pose becomes a stronger metaphor with the lack of apparent detail. The images expose the deeper implications of the practice.

The a7R Mark II is a wonderful photographic tool. Small yet possessing an outstanding sensor capable of capturing a staggering amount of detail, I find it the perfect location and studio camera.