Jul 05, 2017 264

The Hole in the Wall

Trying to search for new locations to shoot, I stumbled across a spot on Google maps that said "hole in the wall". I clicked on it and immediatly became infatuated. 

I decided to make a day of it. I wanted to get as much as I can out of the entire trip. Several stops were made, but I knew I needed to make it to the wall as soon as possible. 

It started out gloomy. I was worried that there would not be enough sun to make the shot happen. Out on the horizon you could see a clearing beneath the cloud cover. 

The sun started to peek through. It was as if the sun was burning away the clouds because it knew I was coming. 

And then it happened. The red glow of the sun started to make it's way down. They may call it the golden hour, but the sun was shining brighter than I have ever seen. 

As I was getting this shot, my cousin yells for me. She says 'IT'S HAPPENING'. I run into place to see it and all it's glory and well.. so did the rest of the people on the beach. 

After this shot, we all just stood there and looked in amazement. How could it be so simple and yet so beautiful?